About Us

The Rhhenso OPC Pvt Ltd was founded in 2014 as a small boutique with a few hand-crafted goods. Rhhenso is dedicated to creation of some of the most aesthetic designs with an eye on making them equally productive. Rhhenso aspires to leverage the charismatic inspiration offered by nature and weave this magic into its eco-friendly products.

Meet the Owner

Nivedita N
Meet Nivedita, the designer and the CEO of the company who thrives on solving our everyday problems in her unique and elegant ways. The rare gift of effortlessly putting the ideas cropping in the mind into trendy and quality designs have led to the creation of  a product line each personally crafted to make you instantly fall in love with them.

What drives us

Challenges Challenges  and more Challenges.
This word and this word alone moves us. The challenge to solve our everyday problems in the most ergonomic, exquisite  and eco friendly way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create products which are master class with a true and lasting value. Our designs come alive with the use of premier materials catering to every taste and lifestyle.